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Directed by Deia Schlosberg

Plastic, a seemingly indispensable product, has wrought all sorts of innovations but at what costs? The plastic industry’s success depends on consumers discarding the product and purchasing new items, creating an endless supply of litter that lingers forever. This incredibly detailed investigation into the plastic production pipeline will shock, horrify, and forever change your perception on recycling. With alarming footage of single use plastic pollution, the filmmaker tells an insightful and deeply engaging story where solutions are offered, success stories are shared, and the dire results of apathy are clearly articulated.

PRODUCERS: Stiv Wilson, Megan Ponder, Seven McDonald, Kyle Cadotte
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Deia Schlosberg, Melissa Lesh
EDITORS: Deia Schlosberg, Tony Hale, Brian Wilson

Dates & Times


The Arlington, Cinema 1

Sun, Oct 20
9:00 am