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Directed by Bill Gallagher

As a young refugee ripped from his home in Sudan and dropped into high school in New Hampshire, Guor Marial struggles to adjust to life as an ordinary student without speaking English and with no friends or family in the States. But things change forever when he meets track coach Rusty Cofrin and his Olympic dreams become a future he could never have imagined. His difficult and triumphant journey from refugee to world-renowned athlete is told through intimate interviews with gorgeously animated flashbacks, as he strives for athletic greatness.

In Person: Filmmaker, Bill Gallagher and film subject, Guor Marial

PRODUCER: Bill Gallagher
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Nikki Bramley, Jacob Benjamin Ateny, Peter Gume
EDITORS: Bill Gallagher, Eric Daniel Metzgar

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Dates & Times


The Arlington, Cinema 1

Thu, Oct 24
9:00 am

The Arlington, Cinema 1

Fri, Oct 25
4:30 pm