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The loving and charismatic Pomm has found her calling working in a Thai facility that specializes in caring for elderly European patients. Meanwhile, a Swiss family makes the agonizing decision to send their mother across the world for the more personalized care that Pomm can give. Their stories intertwine in unexpectedly moving ways in this nuanced portrait of love, family obligation. Challenges the notion of motherhood through memory and proximity, the film poses a jarring question: if you cannot remember your children or see your family, are you still Mom?

In Person: Filmmaker, Kristof Bilsen

PRODUCERS: Kristof Bilsen
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Marko Milovanovic, Kristof Bilsen, Chutimon Sonsirichai
EDITOR: Maarten Janssens

Dates & Times


The Arlington, Cinema 1

Fri, Oct 25
12:00 pm