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Directed by Alexander John Glustrom

Mossville, Louisiana, a community founded by freed slaves, was once a thriving, safe haven. Over two hundred years later, it has now been relegated to an industrial construction zone: home to petrochemical plants and their spewing black clouds, with deadly effects. After prolonged exposure to contamination and pollution, many residents are forced from their homes, and those that stay suffer from deadly cancer-related illnesses. Amid this chaos stands one man, Stacy Ryan, who refuses to abandon his family’s land and is determined to show the world how the petrochemical plants systematically destroyed his hometown in this powerful portrait of resilience.

In Person: Filmmaker, Catherine Rierson

PRODUCERS: Daniel Bennett, Katie Mathews, Catherine Rierson
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Alexander Glustrom
EDITOR: Alexander Glustrom

Dates & Times


The Arlington, Cinema 2

Fri, Oct 25
2:00 pm