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Directed by Beth Aala

With incredible access and a clear-eyed stance on the economics of the burgeoning surrogacy industry, this illuminating and deeply empathetic film presents a riveting view of the hundreds of women in Boise, Idaho, who gestate implanted embryos for gay couples, single men, and women who can’t carry children of their own. While undeniably moving, the four surrogates’ stories also hold deep implications for the psychological and physical challenges of paid surrogacy, (*the surrogates are never the mothers) all captured in this multi-layered investigation of both the people and the process in this flourishing phenomenon.

In Person: Filmmakers, Beth Aala and Beth Levison

PRODUCERS: Beth Aala, Beth Levison
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Beth Aala, Jenni Morello
EDITOR: Jennifer Fineran

Dates & Times


The Arlington, Cinema 2

Thu, Oct 24
4:45 pm