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Leila and Sahand are secret lovers in Iran, risking stoning and death if their affair is discovered. After giving birth to a child, their fear of discovery forces them to flee to Turkey. With unflinching intimacy, Love Child, follows the couple as they struggle to navigate the quickly shifting landscape of asylum. Despite the fragile nature of their lives, the family never hides from the camera; the highs and lows of exile are documented with raw, explosive footage. The plight of refugees is explored from a rare vantage point, that of true love, as Leila and Sahand strive to provide a better life for their child. 2019 Toronto International Film Festival premiere.

PRODUCERS: Bettina Perut
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Lea Glob, Esben Grage, Eva Mulvad, Morten Ranmar, Meryem Yavuz
EDITOR: Adam Nielsen

Dates & Times


The Arlington, Cinema 2

Fri, Oct 25
7:30 pm