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Directed by David Hambridge

With the threat of imminent extinction looming on their backs, two Kenyan wildlife caretakers are charged with an impossible task: protecting the last male northern white rhino in the world. Called Kifaru in Swahili, the rhino must be kept under protection around the clock or it he will be killed by the same poachers who drove the species to the brink of extinction. Tracking their first four years on the job, as the fate of an entire species hangs in the balance, this urgent and incisive film conveys real-time extinction.

Slamdance 2019 Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award

PRODUCERS: Andrew Harrison Brown
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: David Hambridge, Andrew Harrison Brown
EDITOR: Andrew Harrison Brown

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Directed by James Martin

A profile of the Elephant Aware Conservancy in the Siana region of the Massai Mara and the Elephant Aware Rangers charged with its protection.

Dates & Times


The Arlington, Cinema 1

Mon, Oct 21
4:30 pm