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Directed by Pailin Wedel

Matrix, a teenaged science prodigy, is unsettled by his parents’ decision to cryopreserve his two-year-old sister Einz after she dies of brain cancer. He acts as our guide into this thought-provoking and heart-rending tale of one Thai family’s unshakable belief in another life for their beloved daughter. When their wishes collide with scientific reality, scandalized relatives, and the Buddhist conception of reincarnation, the family faces national backlash and harsh scrutiny. In our world of relentless progress, should we do something just because we can?

PRODUCERS: Pailin Wedel
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Mark Dobbin, Mark Oltmanns
EDITOR: Nina Ijas

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Directed by Cole Sax

When the matriarch of a Filipino family loses her sight to cataracts they struggle for years, until a doctor restores her vision with a simple one stitch surgery.

Dates & Times


The Arlington, Cinema 2

Sun, Oct 20
5:00 pm