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Powered only by a single rubber band, the free flight model airplanes in the F1D World Championships float on beautiful, gossamer wings of transparent film, so delicate they seem to levitate in the air. In this insider’s look at a niche sport, held in an old mine built by the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. There competitors draw upon decades of engineering know-how in order to build and — wondrously — fly the planes that weigh less than a piece of paper. When a hobbyist newcomer joins the highest-stakes aeromodelling competition, tensions run high and clashes are inevitable.

In Person: Filmmaker Phillip Kibbe

PRODUCERS: Ben Saks, Laura Heberton
EDITOR: Phil Kibbe

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Directed by Luther Clement, Shuhan Fan

A reflective mix of home videos, archival interviews, and animations unveil the extraordinary story of an unlikely Olympic fencer from Brooklyn.

Dates & Times


The Arlington, Cinema 2

Mon, Oct 21
7:30 pm

The Arlington, Cinema 1

Tue, Oct 22
9:00 am