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Directed by Marlén Viñayo

Art has the ability to heal hearts and save lives, as five Salvadoran women form their own theater company to discuss their childhoods, their fears, their traumas, and how best to break through the cycle of poverty and abuse. In an act of reclamation, they decide to put on a play in their community about the truths of their troubled lives. This poignant, uplifting film explores what it means to tell our own stories and the positive transformative effect it can have on ourselves and our souls.

In Person: Director, Marlen Santos-Vinayo

SXSW 2019 Audience Award Winner

PRODUCERS: Marlén Viñayo, André Guttfreund
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Marlén Viñayo, Carla Molina
EDITOR: Fran Barba

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Directed by Emily Mkrtichian, Jesse Soursourian

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Dates & Times


The Arlington, Cinema 2

Thu, Oct 24
2:15 pm