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Directed by Kenneth Paul Rosenberg

In his deeply moving debut feature, psychiatrist Dr. Kenneth Paul Rosenberg excavates the human ruin of America’s broken mental healthcare system. Ignited by his own familial relationship to mental illness, Rosenberg tracks the shocking history, and tragic results, of our country’s private attempts to stymie this metastasizing public epidemic through the decades. Putting a human face to the mental health crisis, he introduces us to the at-risk and underserved individuals populating homeless camps, ER facilities, and federal prisons. Fueled by anger and sorrow, the film is an indictment of one of the nation’s most staggering moral failures.

In Person: Director, Kenneth Rosenberg

PRODUCERS: Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, Peter Miller
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Joan Churchill, Bob Richman, Buddy Squires
EDITOR: Jim Cricchi

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Dates & Times


The Arlington, Cinema 2

Fri, Oct 25
4:45 pm