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Directed by Alex Horwitz

Hosted by bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, this deep dive into Silicon Valley’s latest fad — self-driving cars — goes beyond the headlines to reveal far more than a basic overview of the burgeoning, but little-understood, technology. Criss-crossing the country in search of cutting-edge laboratories, car culture experts, and AI skeptics, Gladwell encounters incredible demonstrations of automation’s vast potential and troubling implications for how it fits into the next chapter in human civilization. The future is here; the question now is whether we can safeguard ourselves from obsolescence in return for the untold promises of ever-greater mobility.

PRODUCERS: Christopher Boyd, Kevin Mann, Michael Mann
EDITOR: Brett Mason

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Directed by Jobie Nam

A whirlwind behind-the-scenes profile of the strange and surprising world of competitive fast-talking in the late 1980s.

Dates & Times


The Arlington, Cinema 1

Sat, Oct 19
2:30 pm